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Uppity Women Stuff

Outside of midwifery and homebirth, there are many issues women must face. Things like working outside the home, child related issues, raising kids, single moms,political issues and so many things that prevent women from doing what is best for their families.  Alabama is clearly an Anto Family, and anti woman state. The medical establishment has a strangle hold on womens health issues and most of those making the decidions are men. Men making decisions about how women should approach health care, how  and where they birth, how they educate their children and even to the most intimate part of a womans life, they control.  There are many groups in Alabama trying to stop the abuse. They have radical and often liberal ideas of freedom that some people dont want to be a part of.  But true freedom is freedom for everyone..not just a few.

So search a group out that you can be a part of…support those issues you feel led to fight for and help bring the health care of women back to  the women theselves.


I want to include links that can help you on your own searches to answers you need. Each of us are at different places on the journey and what one woman needs to know is not what another does. The links on this page do no follow a pattern or a theme or a logical path, except that is is information someone needs.

I dont necessairily agree with everything on every website..but find what is needed and the rest is left behind.




Song by Mary Black  Turn Back


The Margin/Womens Space




Equality Alabama

Muck Raking Moms

Moms Rising

Womens Health Center
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CODEPINK..women for peace blog


That was Jane Harman of Newsweek trying to quash Medea Benjamin -

by Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss
Church Divestment from the Israeli Occupation -

by Rae Abileah, Jewschool
Occupy Long Island Joins NYC May Day Rally -

Long Island Press
May 2, 2012 -

CODEPINK DC is coming to Charlotte to Protest Bank of America!
John Brennan, White House Counterterrorism Chief, Defends Drone Strikes [UPDATE] -

Huffington Post (VIDEO)
Why I Interrupted Obama Counterterrorism Adviser John Brennan -

by Medea Benjamin
Activist Medea Benjamin Disrupts Brennan Drone Speech -

Democracy Now!
Brennan Defends Drone Strikes as Pakistan and Protestor Object -

ABC News Coverage of CODEPINK Protest!
April 30, 2012 -

May Day! May Day!
April 28, 2012 -

WATCH! Drone Summit Live Stream
International Drones Conference Press Coverage - Obama to be challenged over human cost of CIA drone strikes -
April 24, 2012 -

VICTORY! Pakistani Lawyer Coming to Drone Summit
U.S. relents and grants Pakistani lawyer a visa in time for International Drone Summit -

CODEPINK Press Release
Women Occupy Twitter Training -

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